We are all Essen - Together for peaceful coexistence

  • City of Essen in cooperation with PACT Zollverein
  • Assembly Democracy Conference Cultural Festival
  • Fri 14.06.24 10 h – 22 h

You will soon be able to register to take part via the City of Essen website:

City of Essen

The Hamas-led attack on Israel on 07. October 2023, which resulted in approximately 1.200 deaths and the hostage-taking of over 200 people, has shaken the world. However, the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip, leading to thousands of deaths, also elicits strong reactions globally. On one side, there is unwavering solidarity with the state of Israel; on the other hand, many also expect understanding and support for the situation of the Palestinians. In this delicate balance, we in Germany must also engage in and intensify societal dialogue and continuously address issues such as antisemitism, anti-Muslim sentiment, but also right-wing extremism.

Consequently, the city of Essen, in collaboration with the Essen Alliance for Openness, Solidarity, Democracy, and Legal Governance – against Intolerance, Misanthropy, and Violence, as well as PACT Zollverein, will host a Democracy Conference on 14. June 2024, under the title: ›We Are All Essen – Together for Peaceful Coexistence‹.

In keynotes and impulse speeches, constructive approaches and strategies will be presented on how to respond to old and new challenges. The speakers include, amongst others, Dr. Schnabel from the Anne Frank Educational Center and Professor Dr. Fereidooni.

Moreover, both school classes and community members will have the chance to articulate their thoughts and ideas in forums and workshops. Additionally, best practice examples from schools, youth initiatives, and community spaces will be on display, while various organizations will exhibit their work at an opportunity marketplace.

The day will conclude with a cultural festival.

Program at PACT

Please find the detailed programme on the German page!




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