Lucia Glass
Was uns bewegt, was wir bewegen (What we move, what moves us)

  • Performance Performance for children (3+) and adults
  • Sun 21.02.16 16 h

Colourful fabrics meet with delicate sounds und subtle noises in ›What we move, what moves us‹, a transformative performance for children over the age of three. In collaboration with textile designer Nadine Geopfert, choreographer Lucia Glass takes us into a world of fanciful forms and movement where everyday objects, items of clothing and bodies can swap their characteristics and roles. In an imaginative series of ever transforming scenarios brought to life by dancer Eva Svaneblom everything is possible. The scenery can be put on, a costume can eventually turn into a sculpture and the body can even disappear.

After the show, the audience is warmly invited to experiment hands-on with the types of materials seen in the performance during a 30 minute workshop lead by the artists.

Choreography, concept: Lucia Glass

Textile design, stage concept: Nadine Geopfert

Dance: Eva Svaneblom

Sounddesign: Lorin Strohm

Production: Lucia Glass

Co-production: K3/Tanzplan Hamburg

Support: Cultural office of the City of Hamburg, Hamburg Culture Foundation

In co-operation with KinderKinder e.V.

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