Xavier Le Roy
›Untitled, a lecture‹

  • Sat 13.07.19 19:30 h – 20:30 h

Free admission

The French choreographer and molecular biologist Xavier le Roy situates his artistic practice between contemporary art and contemporary discourse. Radically and stimulatingly, he questions the continuation of dichotomies of power such as those between spectator and performer, object and subject, nature and culture, or the separations between machine and human or human and animal. By breaking up and shifting existing categories, Le Roy creates new spaces for free thought within which the viewers themselves be­come actors in the performance and so gain creative power. With ›Untitled, a lecture‹, Xavier Le Roy takes up during ›Blue Skies‹ on a central motif of his performance work ›Untitled (2014)‹, which premiered at PACT in 2014: What happens in a situation in which our togetherness has to be reinvented and composed? What actions arise when normative bound­aries and categories are called into doubt and dissolved?

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