Christine De Smedt
Untitled 4

  • Fri 20.04.12 20 h
  • Sat 21.04.12 20 h

In her previous works, Belgian choreographer Christine de Smedt has refrained from using her own life story as a source of inspiration, commenting »Why in God’s name would my personal history be in any way interesting for an audience?«In her latest work ›Untitled 4‹ however, she has turned the personal into performance. What is the personal and how is it expressed in artistic work? Based on interviews with Jonathan Burrows, Alain Platel, Xavier Le Roy and Eszter Salamon about the relationship they each have between life and work, she presents four portraits of these artists that in the end becomes a portrait of herself. In ›Untitled 4‹ Christine de Smedt stands alone on stage in a performance that expresses longing for authorship whilst ceding it at the same time. 

Concept and Performance: Christine De Smedt

Artistic support and collaboration: Kristien van den Brande, Bojana Cvejic, Vladimir Miller, Ana Vujanovic
Voice training and assistance in music choice: Eurudike De Beul

Technical: Wim Piqueur, Bennert Van Cottem

Production: les ballets C de la B

Co-producers: Musée de la danse / Centre chorégraphique national de Rennes et de Bretagne, Kunstencentrum
BUDA (Kortrijk), PACT Zollverein (Essen), Next Festival - Espace Pasolini, Théâtre International (Valenciennes)

With the support of the Flemish Authorities, City of Ghent, Province of East-Flanders


13. + 14.02.2014, CAMPO, Gent (BE)
04.08.2013, Joint Adventures, München (DE)
22. + 23.02.2013, Tanzquartier, Wien (AT)
13. + 14.09.2012, NOV.ples, Novi Sad (SRB)
20. + 21.04.2012, PACT Zollverein, Essen (DE)
17. + 18.04.2012, Kaaitheater, Brüssel (BE)
06. - 09.03.2012, STUK Kunstencentrum, Louvain (BE)
25.02.2012, BUDA Kunstencentrum, Courtrai (BE)
21. + 22.11.2011, Next Festival (BUDA), Valenciannes (FR)
12.05.2011, Musée de la Danse, Rennes (BE)
25. + 26.11.2011, Les ballets C de la B, Gent (BE)

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