• A multi-media vision of Zollverein in German and English with English and German surtitles
  • Performance
  • Fri 05.11.10 20 h
  • Sat 06.11.10 20 h
›Tagfish‹ (TAG=Tight-Aggressive) is a poker player who is technically brilliant but plays too fearfully and so is easy prey for those happier to take a risk.
The Antwerp-based group BERLIN are famous for their astute video portraits of cities, and in ›Tagfish‹ they shine a light for the first time on the Ruhr District. The premise behind their docu-fiction, which had its world premiere at Theater der Welt, is as follows: a sheikh from the Middle East wants to build a luxury hotel complex at Zollverein – a huge vision for the Ruhr District or an impossible endeavour on the grounds of a World Cultural Heritage site? For several weeks BERLIN interviewed protagonists from the city of Essen and its cultural landscape, from the heads of civic building departments to journalists, and created a fictitious meeting based on the documentary material gathered. In a theatrically-staged film montage, the interviewees sit around a conference table and debate, argue and philosophise about feasibility and costing millions, about utopias and visions, stagnation and impending change.
Konzept: Berlin (Bart Baele and Yves Degryse)
Mit: Hans-Jürgen Best, Christoph Finger, Rolf Heyer, Wolfgang Kintscher, Kaspar Kraemer, Thomas Rempen, dem Consolidation Chor und Kostas Mitsalis
Forschung: Berlin
Prduktionsmanagement: Natalie Schrauwen
Technische Leitung: Linde Raedschelders
Aufbau Set: Manu Siebens
Photographie: Bart Baele
Interviews: Yves Degryse
Bearbeitung: Bart Baele, Geert De Vleesschauwer
Soundtrack und Mixing: Peter Van Laerhoven
Tonaufnahmen: Tom De With, Maarten Moesen, Dimitry De Cock, Bas de Caluwé
Produktion: BERLIN
Koproduktion: Theater der Welt 2010, STUK (Leuven), Festival TEMPS D'IMAGES 2010 / La Ferme du Buisson , Scène Nationale de Marne-la-Vallée, Wiener Festwochen
Mit Unterstützung der Flämischen Regierung
BERLIN sind Artist in Residence im Kunstenzentrum STUK (Leuven)
Photo: © Berlin
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