• Sat 09.05.09 18 h

A piece full of fantasy and humour, impressive situations and surprising twists.›piece‹ gives the audience space to conjure up its own images. Snatches of everyday life: a little piece of life on stage...

She’s cute but dangerous. She has red hair and incredibly long legs, and she dances – my God – like no one’s ever danced before. Simply too beautiful to be true!
In a wonderfully ironic monologue, Caroline Simon imaginatively fabricates an ideal world on stage. Her words describe an elaborate dance spectacle that evolves into a heart-rending love story and ultimately presents a very different picture to the dancer we see on stage.

›stück‹ (piece) was nominated for the Cologne Dance Award 2008 and selected for presentation by the European festival Aerowaves.

World Premiere: 06.09.08, Studio 11 (Cologne)

Concept/choreography/performance: Caroline Simon

Concept/dramaturgy/direction: Silke Z.

Management/PR: Mechtild Tellmann

Co-production: Die Bühne in der Brotfabrik Bonn

Supported by: Kunststiftung NRW and SK Stiftung Kultur

Photo: Hydra Productions

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