Olimpia Scardi

  • Tanzlandschaft Ruhr regional production at the Ringlokschuppen, Mülheim-Ruhr
  • Performance
  • Thu 18.11.99Sat 20.11.99 00:59 h23:59 h

›Its your stories we're singing. Its your stories we're telling.‹ Neapolitan Folksong


1 La scopa - the broom (an Italian card game)

2 Opera, Mamma, Patria - Opera, Mother, fatherland

3 Guaglioni e femmine - young men and young women (Italian dialect)

4 La gara - the competition

5 Amore impossibile I - Impossible love I

6 Tammurriate e terremoto - Tammurriate and earthquake

7 Napoli 1945 - Naples 1945

8 Amore impossibile II - Impossible love II

9 Madonna - Madonna

10 O'Scongiuro - (Exorcism ritual)

On the 11th of November, during the rehearsal period for this production, a housing block collapsed in the southern Italian city of Foggia. Olympia Scardi's ›SPACCANAPOLI‹ is dedicated to the victims and rescuers caught up by this tragedy in her homeland.

Choreography: Olimpia Scardi

Dance and Performance: Gabrio Gabrielli, Céline Gayon, Nathalie Mauriès-Belou, James MacGillivray, Bärbel Stenzenberger, Natalia Torales

Stage/costume/lighting: Kerstin Laube

Music: Neapolitanische Volkslieder

Soundtrack and Arrangement: Clark Stiefel

Technical Director: Ingo Reinhardt

Technical Assistant: Gian Paolo, Utzeri Contis

Stage: Jörg Kühnemann

Trainee Assistants: Ayse Pinar Orhon, Wara Cajias

Production Manager: Christof Schreckenberg

Photo: Hanns Josten

With special thanks to Babara Donatelli for her invaluable assistance during rehearsals. Tanzlandschaft Ruhr and the Choreographic Centre NRW wish to thank Regine Kotowski and the Ringlokschuppen team.

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