Simon Mayer
Sons of Sissy

  • Sat 19.03.16 20 h

Austrian choreographer and farm boy Simon Mayer’s latest work winningly acknowledges the rich universe of traditions, folk dances and folk music which surrounded his youth. Drawing on live traditional Alpine music, group dances and ritualized practices, four performers playfully establish a whole new and unseen fusion of artistic re-interpretations. Liberated from conventions and defying categorisation, the ›Sons of Sissy‹ do credit to their name as they morph from a weird folk-music quartet into a playful, experimental ritual dance combo using humour to radically deconstruct traditional male role models.

Idea, choreography, performance, music: Simon Mayer

Performance, music: Matteo Haitzmann, Patric Redl, Manuel Wagner

Sound sources, special instruments: Hans Tschiritsch

Stage, costumes: Andrea Simeon

Light: Martin Walitza, Hannes Ruschbaschan

Artistic advice: Frans Poelstra

Production: Sophie Schmeiser, Elisabeth Hirner

Co-production: Verein Kopf hoch / Simon Mayer (Vienna), brut (Vienna), Gessnerallee (Zürich), zeitraumexit (Mannheim), Tanz ist (Dornbirn)

Supported by: Department of Culture of the City of Vienna, Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, Kulturland Oberösterreich, Flemish Community, pianofabriek (Brussels), WP Zimmer (Antwerp), Im_flieger Verein zur Förderung performativer Kunst (Vienna), Kunst und Kulturverein SPIEL, [DNA] Departures and Arrivals with funding from the Creative Europe Program of the European Union

Thanks to: Simon Zöchbauer, Julian Rubisch, ALMA (Marlene Lacherstorfer, Julia

Lacherstorfer, Evelyn Mair, Marie-Theres Stickler), Godi Burgstaller, Chris Standfest, Andrea Amort, Munderfinger Goaßlschnalzer, Altstädter Bauerngmoa, Pramtaler Volkstanzgruppe, Elio Gervasi/Raum 33

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