Ery Mefri
Sarikaik - Gemeinschaft

  • Fri 09.07.10 22 h
  • Sat 10.07.10 20 h
  • Sun 11.07.10 18 h

Randai is a peasant-style dance form, an integral part of political, religious and secular ceremonies, that came out of the art of self-defence. The bodies of the performers begin to speak as one and the differences between singer, dancer and performer become blurred. Ery Mefri and his Nan Jombang Dance Company – visiting Europe for the very first time – focus on the contradiction between ritual founded on the community, and a growing individualisation. Being aware of tradition always meant having a sense of the contemporary.

Choreography / Music: Ery Mefri With: Angga Mefri, Rio Mefri, Geby Mefri, Intan Mefri, Ririn Mefri Production: Nan Jombang Dance Company Duration: 60 min. Presentation: PACT Zollverein, Theater der Welt 2010 Photo: © Ery Mefri

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