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In her last piece ›Chunking‹ Ellen Barkey examined the boundaries between dance, performance and visual arts. Now in her new piece ›The Porcelain Project‹ these boundaries have become completely permeable. The set is composed of hundreds of porcelain objects developed by Lot Lemm, which, despite their autonomous life as art objects off stage, interact in this piece with the performers and the audience.

»It is the integration and mastering of all elements that gives the performance a floating quality and makes ›The Porcelain Project‹ so artful. Music, stage design and performers merge organically into an all-embracing experience, pervading every pore«.
Danielle de Regt, De Standaard, 12.10.07

World Premiere: October 10th, 2007, Kaaitheater, Brussels

Concept: Lemm&Barkey

Choreography: Grace Ellen Barkey

Created and performed by: Misha Downey, Julien Faure, Benoît Gob, Tijen Lawton, Maarten Seghers, Yumiko Funaya

Porcelain: Lot Lemm

Set and costumes: Lemm&Barkey

Music: Thomas Adès – Asyla, Op.17, Maarten Seghers, Rombout Willems a.o. 

Lighting: Koen Raes

Production management: Luc Galle

Tech: Ken Hioco, Frank Van Elsen

Set construction: Koen Raes, De Muur

Assistant to Lemm&Barkey: Elke Janssens

Set / costumes intern: Lise Landais

Costumes assistant: Lieve Meeussen

Production: Needcompany

Co-production: Théâtre Le Quai (Angers), La Rose des Vents (Scène Nationale de Villeneuve d’Ascq), PACT Zollverein (Essen), Kaaitheater (Brussels)

Supported by the Flemish Government

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