Needcompany (BE) is a collective of idiosyncratic theatre makers and performers founded in 1986 by Jan Lauwers und Grace Ellen Barkey. Since the very beginning, Needcompany has presented itself as an international, multilingual, innovative and multidisciplinary company. Their associated artists are MaisonDahlBonnema (Hans Petter Dahl & Anna Sophia Bonnema), Lemm&Barkey (Lot Lemm & Grace Ellen Barkey), OHNO Cooperation (Maarten Seghers & Jan Lauwers) and the NC ensemble, which includes the inimitable Viviane De Muynck. PACT has collaborated regularly with Needcompany for many years and to date has presented Grace Ellen Barkey’s productions ›AND‹ (2003), the world premiere of ›Chunking‹ (2005), the German Premiere of ›The Porcelain Project‹ (2008) and ›This door is too small (for a bear)‹ (2010), ›MUSH-ROOM‹ (2013), and, from Jan Lauwers, ›Images of Affection‹ (2003), ›The Lobster Shop‹ and ›The Deer House‹ (2009). In 2017 we’re presenting the PACT co-production, ›Forever‹ by Lemm&Barkey with Needcompany.
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