Marie-Luise Angerer
›A new zone of non-consciousness – where life and technology meet‹

  • Thu 11.07.19 17:30 h – 18 h

Free admission

The world has become highly sensitive. From plants to trees, from refrigerators to cars — everywhere there are sensors that regulate everything from balance to security, emotions, water and light levels. Nanotechnologies and sensors translate between natural and artificial processes, making them interchangea­ble and mediating between what were once separate realms.

These kinds of sensory­-technological interventions in sensation and perception open up a new dimension of non-­con­scious life, which is not attributed to humans. Instead, humans and machines now share a non­-consciousness as a realm of enmeshment, overlap, and intensification of organic and technical processes. These non­conscious oper­ations regulate the interior and exterior of bodies, things, and environments. This notion of the non­conscious deals precisely with these zones of contact and/or transition: interfaces — critical and sensitive points of contact — where a transition takes place from non-sensing to sensing to sense.

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