Marie-Luise Angerer

Marie-Luise Angerer is professor of media theory and media science at the University of Potsdam. She is the managing director of the Brandenburg Center for Media Sciences (Potsdam) as well as spokesperson for the research council ‘Sensing – The knowledge of sensitive media’. The focus of her research comprises an exploration of media technologies, theories of affect and media-theoretical reformulations of sensing, intensity and desire. Alongside numerous research placements abroad and guest professorships, she has also published works such as ‘Ecology of Affect: Intensive Milieus and Contingent Encounters’ (2017), ‘Desire After Affect’ (2014), and ‘Timing of Affect: Epistemologies, Aesthetics, Politics’ (published with Bernd Bösel and Michaela Ott, 2014).


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Marie-Luise Angerer
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