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Girl Power by Sany and Jan Zajícek

  • Mon 23.10.23 19 h

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Viktoriastraße 5
45327 Essen

›Girl Power‹ is a documentary that spotlights graffiti artists from fifteen cities, spanning from Prague to Moscow, Cape Town, Sydney, Biel, Madrid, Berlin, and Toulouse. The graffiti community has been male-dominated for a long time, yet female artists have increasingly emancipated themselves in recent years. Women and girls are now actively part of the scene – out on the streets, in their own crews, and at jams. The film captures precisely their stories.

However, ›Girl Power‹ wants and achieves more than simply illuminating the microcosm of the graffiti world. It simultaneously tells the poignant story of the director and screenwriter, Sany Zajícek, who in 2008 decided to document the process of female emancipation in graffiti.

It took her seven years to complete the documentary, which also throws light on her own life and the filmmaking process, along with all the challenges that inevitably came with the mission. Driven by the belief that the phenomenon of graffiti cannot be adequately explained from an external standpoint, but rather needs to be examined and articulated from the community’s own unique perspective, she tirelessly fought to ensure the film's success. 

»Girl Power showed me for the first time the strength that some women possess. As someone with no connection to the graffiti world, it was a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse. Our film is not just a documentary map of a human obsession, but above all, a story of how far you can go in realizing personal dreams«, says Martin Hůlovec of Punk Film, the producer of ›Girl Power‹.

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