• Fri 12.04.13 20 h
  • Sat 13.04.13 20 h

Award winning director and choreographer Laurent Chétouane’s new work is commissioned by the Franco-German initiative Transfabrik. The duo ›M!M‹  with Matthieu Burner and Mikael Marklund explores the term friendship  not only from the social perspective of a private intimate relationship between two people but also in reference to its political dimensions.

In dance this implies studying the action of choreography against the background of the concept of friendship and perhaps rethinking fundamental things common to both politics and dance such as questions concerning the boundaries of shared space or the organization of coexistence from a non conflict motivated perspective.

Dance: Matthieu Burner, Mikael Marklund

Choreography: Laurent Chétouane

Stage: Matthias Nebel

Costumes: Sophie Reble

Dramaturgy: Leonie Otto

Light: Stefan Riccius

Assistance: Leonie Rodrian

Intern: Kerstin Wagner

Production: Laurent Chétouane within the framework of TRANSFABRIK

Co-production: Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin), Theater Bremen and Kampnagel (Hamburg)

Funding: Basisförderung Berlin, the Lord Mayor of Berlin- Senat Chancellery - Cultural Affairs

Support: Dock11/*****Eden Berlin

Presented in the framework of the TRANSFABRIK project


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