Ultima Vez

  • Thu 11.12.08 20 h
  • Fri 12.12.08 20 h
  • Sat 13.12.08 20 h

What do you do when prevailing values lose their significance? When you are confronted with changed norms and rules? When truths are no longer self-evident? If everything that you have believed in were uprooted? Do you dare make the dive into the unknown? Or does change evoke fear? Is it more comfortable to go with flow, to cling to the familiar? Do people in fact have such a great capacity for adaptation?

These questions are the starting point for ›Menske‹, Wim Vandekeybus’s latest large-scale production for Ultima Vez. In a striking symbiosis of dance, theatre, music and scenography, Vandekeybus pushes his mixed cast of ten dancers/actors to explore the limits of their imaginations and physical possibilities when confronted with a personal crisis in a changed world. Each character attempts in his or her own way to make the new situation liveable, to mould it to their will, to escape, to resist or to glorify it. The result is a work of astounding poetic intensity and huge expressive power.


Premiere: 14.11.2007, KVS (Brussels)

Direction, choreography, scenography: Wim Vandekeybus

Created and performed by: Laura Arís Alvarez, Max Cuccaro, Konstantina Efthimiadou, Elena Fokina, Birgit Gunzl, Jorge Jauregui Allue, Manuel Ronda, Helder Seabra, Valéry Volf, Kylie Walters

Music: Daan

Text: Ultima Vez

Production: Ultima Vez.

Co-production: KVS (Brussels), ARTS 276 – Automne en Normandie/Opéra de Rouen-Haute Normandie , Musica per Roma, Centre d’Arts Escèniques Reus-Caer, Mercat de les flors (Barcelona), Impulstanz (Vienna)

Ultima Vez is supported by the Flemish Authorities and the Flemish Community Commission of the Brussels Capital Region

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