Phil Hayes / Christophe Jaquet
Love &  Happiness

  • German premiere
  • Performance Performance in English & French and German with surtitles
  • Sat 28.03.15 19:30 h

»Take my hand, crush it, bruise it – take my heart ’cos I can’t use it.« Truth is all i need, Phil Hayes

Revolving around the themes of love, authenticity and authorship, director, musician and performer Phil Hayes’s latest production ›Love & Happiness‹, created in collaboration with Swiss performer and musician Christophe Jaquet, explores in words and music the complex question of how men express love. When five male musicians of a certain age bring their songs, stories and confessions to the stage what exactly do the words ›true‹ and ›real‹ mean to their audience – and does it matter in the first place? 

Direction, concept, music, songs, performance: Phil Hayes

Concept, music, performance: Christophe Jaquet

Performance, music: Alain Borek, Christian Gibbs, Herwig Ursin

Dramaturgy: Julia Hintermüller 

Video: Susanne Hofer

Light: Tina Bleuler 

Sound: Susanne Affolter

Assistance: Nadine Tobler

Production management: Lukas Piccolin

Production: Phil Hayes/First Cut Productions Verein (Zurich) with Christophe Jaquet / The National Institute (Lausanne)

Co-production: Theaterhaus Gessnerallee (Zurich), Arsenic (Lausanne), Kaserne Basel

Support: City of Zurich Cultural Department, Canton of Zurich  Cultural Department, Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council, Migros-Kulturprozent/Pour-cent culturel Migros, City of Lausanne, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Affaires culturelles du Cantone de Vaud

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