Phil Hayes

Phil Hayes studied Creative Arts in Newcastle upon Tyne in England. Since 1998 he has been based in Zurich, Switzerland working as a freelance artist in collaboration with other artists and groups in the areas of performance, theatre and music. He is a regular collaborator with Forced Entertainment and has also worked on projects with Simone Aughterlony, CAMPO, Maria Jerez, Thomas Kasebacher, watzdameyer, Sachs & Suhner, Salome Schneebeli, Stadttheater Bern, Regina Wenig, Cocoloco Performance, Urbanauts, Mass & Fieber, Natural Theatre Company, Bruvvers, Thom Luz, Knarf Rellöm, Low Flying Theatre, Guz, Live Theatre Company, Jerry J. Nixon and Voodoo Rhythm Records. In 2013 Phil Hayes was awarded a Wirkstipendium prize by the city of Zurich for his work to date.
To date at PACT
  • Sat 28.03.15 19:30 h
Performance Performance in English & French and German with surtitles

Phil Hayes / Christophe Jaquet
Love &  Happiness

  • Fri 28.03.14 20 h
Performance Performance in English

Phil Hayes / Maria Jerez / Thomas Kasebacher
Legends & Rumours