Franz Anton Cramer

  • Sat 06.05.06 16 h

Lecture series with the dance and performance theorist, writer and critic, Franz Anton Cramer

The dichotomous relationship between the existence and non-existence of dance, its manifestation and vestiges.

The history of modern dance appears straightforward enough to write if you see a perpetual development in it. But theatrical dance is also always an envoy of crises : crises of perception, crises of recognition, crisis of cognition, crises of culture, crises of aesthetics... to the degree in which dance is injected into such experiences of crisis, it coins a specific aesthetic, and a specific manner of giving context to dance ensues. The abiding present of (contemporary) dance is consequently also always faced with a permanent past: the practice of dance comes into conflict with the modus of what has been.

Author: Franz Anton Cramer

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