Thierry De Mey

  • Tue 25.11.08 20 h

Internationally renowned for his work in the area of contemporary dance, the Belgian film-maker and composer Thierry De Mey is also leading figure in the world of new music. His interactive performance installation concert ›Light Music‹ is the culmination of his passion for fusing dance and screen, music composition, choreography and new interactive technologies. Working with new motion-sensitive technology which allows movement to trigger sound, the conductor/soloist can make sounds and even entire musical sequences by simply moving his hand. ›Light Music‹ attempts to smooth the break between dance and the movement that produces the sound. The movement is an interface between different modes of sensory perception, between performer and machine, between the algorithms of intuition and their expression as music, between written choreography and the score, and between the conductor's movements and the musical execution of the orchestra. ›Light Music‹ plays with the duality of motion. The light on the stage causes the hands to appear as a projection on the screen, giving them a different form. The entire production seems to float in its brilliant lightness. The performance is just as fascinating and sophisticated as the music. The computer is the only instrument. 

Production: GRAME, centre national de création musicale/Lyon

Co-production: Charleroi/Danses, Centre chorégraphique de la Communauté Française, Gmem, centre national de création musicale/Marseille

© Photo: A. Pequin

Duration: 19min

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