La Ribot
Laughing Hole

  • Sat 07.09.13 16 h – 22 h

An empty space. The floor covered with cardboard signs. Word by word, three performers start to uncover a text of mysterious origins. In her legendary work ›Laughing Hole‹, La Ribot fuses performance and exhibition to create a new kind of performative art. During the six hour performance the audience can come and go as they please, while the performers are bound to continue their work in time and space. Absurd like Beckett, existential like Abramovic´, as immediate as a human tragedy.

Text, direction: La Ribot

Sound design, performance: Clive Jenkins

Performance: La Ribot, Tamara Alegre Perez, Ruth Childs, Marie Caroline Hominal

Production: La Ribot (Geneva)

Co-production: Galeria Soledad Lorenzo (Madrid) and Art Basel – Art Unlimited (Basel)

La Ribot is supported by the City of Geneva, the Republic and the Canton of Geneva,

the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and Lotterie Romande

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