Laberinto Soledad (labyrinth of loneliness), a compelling maze of dance and music in which five female dancers confront the themes of separation and privacy, is characteristic of Merki's unrelenting search for a unique, contemporary dance and stage language that stays true to the authenticity and genuine inner expression of Flamenco.

Flamencos en route are unrivalled in the European dance scene in terms of continuous innovation, enthusiasm for experimentation and unwavering creativity. The company's productions have lost nothing of their narrative powers and diversity over the nineteen years of its existence.

Artistic direction and Choreography: Brigitta Luisa Merki

Dance: Georgia Gebauer, Adriana Maresma Fois, Brigitta Luisa Merki, Almudena Hernadez, Manoli Rodriguez Outonv, Elena Vicini

Music: Juan Gomez (Gitarre), Keiko Ooka (Gesang), Fredrik Gille (Perkussion)

Stage: Herta Eppler-Joggi

Costume: Carmen Perez Mate

Light: Adrian Fry

Supported by the Kulturstiftung Pro Helvetia, the Aargauer Kuratorium and the City of Baden

Photo: Flamencos en route

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