Ensemble Musikfabrik
im freien – en plein air – out of doors

  • Thu 26.11.15 20 h

Founded in 1990 and now regarded as one of the leading ensembles for contemporary music in Europe, Ensemble Musikfabrik is one of the three protagonists leading this year’s edition of IMPACT. To mark the occasion, Musikfabrik pianist Ulrich Löffler presents the chamber concert ›im freien – out of doors – en plein air‹. Inspired by Morton Feldman’s ›Nature Pieces for Piano‹, Löffler went in search of contemporary works related to nature only to find it to be a strangely neglected theme amongst composers of today. In the resulting moderated recital, which spans a bridge from Erik Satie’s ›Choses vues à droite & à gauche (sans lunettes)‹ to John Adams’ ›Road Movies‹, Löffler speaks about his choice of works, uncovering parallels and drawing a musical path from Satie to Haas, from Xenakis to Lachenmann.

Eric Satie: Choses vues à droite & à gauche (sans lunettes) 1914  
Vl, Pf  - ca. 8' 

Georg Friedrich Haas: Ins Licht 2007  
Vl, Vc, Pf  ca 4' 

Yannis Xenakis: Paille in the Wind 1993  
Vc, Pf ca 8'

Morton Feldman: Nature Pieces for Piano 1951 
Pf ca 15' 

John Adams: Road Movies 1996 
Vl, Pf ca 17' 

Helmut Lachenmann: Sakura-Variationen 2001/11 
Vla, Vc, Perc, Pf ca 8' 

Music selection and compilation: Ulrich Löffler

Violin/Viola: Hannah Weirich 

Cello: Dirk Wietheger 

Percussion: Dirk Rothbrust

Piano: Ulrich Löffler

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