Raimund Hoghe
Ich erinnere mich - Opening Project

  • Tue 23.10.12 20 h

›Ich erinnere mich – Opening Project‹ is a unique site specific performance by Raimund Hoghe. Closely informed by the individual atmosphere of the location, it offers an insight into Hoghe’s creative working process with fragments of his previous works emerging like fleeting memories and fusing to create a wholly new and independent work.  Following projects in Brest, New York, Montpellier and Posen, this special evening launches the festival ›20 years – 20 days‹ in Essen under the motto  »Ich erinnere mich« (»I remember«). 

Concept and choreography: Raimund Hoghe

Artistic collaboration: Luca Giacomo Schulte

Light: Raimund Hoghe, Tim Lenzing

Sound: Frank Strätker

Photography: Rosa Frank

Production: Hoghe & Schulte (Dusseldorf) 

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