Philipp Gehmacher
dead reckoning

  • Video-Installation edition 1
  • Performance Installation
  • Fri 01.04.11 19:30 h
  • Sat 02.04.11 19:30 h

Where are we? Or where at least is a point from which we can get our bearings? In maritime language ›dead reckoning‹ refers to a method of navigation that is not based on absolute fixed points outside of the ship such as lighthouses, stars or poles. The current position is estimated on the basis of the last determined course and elapsed time – orientation thus becomes a constant forecast that proceeds from the last certainty.

Four video recordings projected on two intersecting screens create a space that can be viewed from all sides and which demonstrates how each decision in favour of a particular viewing angle is at the same time a decision against possible others. Although almost within touching distance, the viewer always remains shut out – despite all immediacy always in a different space, a different time.

Philipp Gehmacher (AT)

›dead reckoning‹

Premiere: 08.01.2009 Tanzquartier Wien

Concept: Philipp Gehmacher, Vladimir Miller

Choreography and performance: Philipp Gehmacher, Rémy Héritier, Christine de Smedt

Camera and light: Leena Koppe

Assistance camera and Light: Judith Benedikt

Construction: Paul Horn

Technical director: Jan Wagner

Production: Luise Reitstätter

Production assistance: Johanetta Warsberg


Philipp Gehmacher / Mumbling Fish

Co-production: Tanzquartier Wien

Supported by: Department of Culture of the City of Vienna

Philipp Gehmacher / Mumbling Fish is supported by the Department of Culture of the City of Vienna

Co-production ›edition 01‹: Musée de la danse - dancing museum / Centre Choréographique National de Rennes et de Bretagne (C.C.N.R.B.). Courtesy Collection Musée de la danse

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