Motion Capture Workshop with Brigitte Huezo

  • Mon 08.05.23 15 h – 16:30 h

»Usurp the body! Become your own avatar! Into the emptiness of singular identity I emerge: from endless streams of data, from pale bones and flesh.«

This workshop offers participants the opportunity to create choreographic sequences in a virtual scene, exploring spatial and temporal patterns, and diverse design aesthetics to expand and challenge their creative practice. Participants are invited to create, visualise and share digital choreographies that provide the use of motion capture tools for choreographers, dancers and anyone interested in exploring the art of dance in a digital context.

Used programme: Axis Studio Motion Capture Software – NeuronMocap.

The Workshop will be in English.

Limited number of participants. Register here:

The talk Digital Corporealities with Brigitte Huezo and others will take place at 6 pm. 

Free entry!

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