Neville Tranter

  • Thu 18.09.08 20 h
  • Fri 19.09.08 20 h
  • Sat 20.09.08 20 h

Stuffed Puppet Theatre production in co-production with the RuhrTriennale und der FIDENA

In his new work ›Cuniculus‹, the acclaimed Australian puppeteer, Neville Tranter, tells the tale of a man who lives with hares and believes that he too is a hare. One day the mother hare felt she was coming to the end of her life. The hares and the man cowered together and cried, »Who will feed us?« And when no answer came, they shouted, »We will all die! We will eat our children!« And still no answer came.

Capable of evoking images that provoke and inspire adult audiences, Tranter’s combination of humour, sombreness and virtuoso puppetry has won him international acclaim and made permanent converts of many who had presumed that for them, puppetry had nothing to offer.

Performed in English. 

Idea and puppetry: Neville Tranter

Text: Jan Veldman

Direction: Hans Man in’t Veld

Puppets: Neville Tranter

Light: Desiree van Gelderen

Music: Ferdinand Bakker, Kim Haworth

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