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What is a community? How does one go about constituting a community? What are the limits, the borders of sharing? How can one be oneself and share at the same time? How much piracy does a community need?

Neither a simple performance, nor a conventional show, neither a dance nor a party! In ©oPirates, choreographer Richard Siegal, winner of the German Theatre Prize Faust 2010, investigates the idea of community through modes of performance, inviting professional and non-professional dancers and performers as well as groups from all walks of life in the Ruhr District – from modern dance, parkour and folklore practitioners through to alternative activists – to participate in a unique event. A multi-faceted evening in which questions unfold and discoveries will be made: Welcome to this philosophical party!


Premiere: 22.10. 2010 Dance 2010 / Muffatwerk (Munich)

Choreography: Richard Siegal (The Bakery)
Dancers: Carolin Geiger, Sebastien Mari, Camille Revol, Paula Sanchez, Franck Edmond Yao
Song vocals: Yvonne Madrid
Guests from the region: Ancient Astronauts (ESL Music / Switchstance Recordings)
Bandoneon Freunde Essen (Bandoneon Orchester), Enis Maci (Poetry Slam)
, HFMT Köln (Tanzstudentinnen Köln), Lindy Pott (Lindy Hop), Parkour Essen, XOPO (Bulgarischer Volkstanz)
Composer/ electronic music: Lorenzo Bianchi
Dramaturgy: Chantal Pontbriand, Barbara Formis
Light design: Jochen Göpfert
Technical director: Ulli Napp
Interactive systems: Jean-Philippe Lambert
Photography/videography: Dennis Zyche
Production management: Dieta Sixt

Production: The Bakery
Co-production: Festival DANCE (Munich), Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (Frankfurt a. Main), Muffatwerk (Munich), PACT Zollverein (Essen)
Supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich, Fonds Darstellende Künste, Goethe-Institut and the Consulate General of the United States, Munich



06.12.2012, Goethe Institut, Lagos (NG)
24.11.2012, Favoriten, Dortmund (DE)
28.03.2011, Muffatwerk, Muffathalle, München (DE)
19.01.2011, PACT Zollverein, Essen (DE)
29.01.2011, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt a. M. (DE)
28.01.2011, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt a. M. (DE)
23.10.2010, Dance Festival 2010, Muffatwerk, München (DE)
22.10.2010, Dance Festival 2010, Muffatwerk, München (DE)

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