• Sat 13.07.19 22 h

Free admission

Living with experimental electronic music means not only to live with sound effects of breaking glass, but with machines, feelings and concepts. To make kin within the comment section of a remix of a remix, bonding over a theory of moods, or behind a modular synthe­sizer. Since 2017, acting in concert builds a context for queer and postcolonial projects, that experiment with how people gather with sound, right next to it or in its middle. Less cool, more warm. Not necessarily more united, but — in concert — less alone. In this vein, at ›Blue Skies‹ acting in concert presents a night of ambivalent atmosphere, a par­ty of co­-dependency, plus background noises. But it’s danceable! If to dance means to move, too. Nguyễn+Transitory present their Performance ›Bird Bird, Touch Touch, Sing Sing‹ (work in pro­ gress), COOL FOR YOU her new album ›Communal Mess‹, Odete performs a shapeshifting concert and reading, and finally, FAM_ play some tracks to get material to.

(Text: Maxi Wallenhorst)



22.30 h
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