Ingrid LaFleur
Breathing in Blackness: Temporal Dimensions of Utopia

  • As part of IMPACT19 - WEAVING TRACES
  • Lecture
  • Thu 31.10.19 19 h

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It is believed the person who will live for 200 years has already been born. This theory begs the question, what will it take for a Black body to live for 200 years in places where anti-Blackness is embraced? ›Breathing in Blackness: Temporal Dimensions of Utopia‹ investigates the notion of utopia within Afrofuturism in an attempt to examine how Black bodies can access, build and evolve their safe spaces. Afrofuturism is a liberation movement that empowers Black bodies to craft new destinies and realities of inclusion, health, joy and prosperity. All in an attempt to challenge normative notions of Blackness, Afrofuturism creates portals that give birth to the multiple dimensions of utopia – spiritual, imaginary and physical. How can the activation of radical foresight imagine and design systems for Black bodies to collectively express cultural, social and economic power now and 200 years into the future?

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Ingrid LaFleur: Breathing in Blackness – Temporal Dimensions of Utopia (IMPACT19) from PACT Zollverein on Vimeo.


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