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›Beat the Drum!‹

  • Sun 24.03.19 15 h
  • Sun 24.03.19 17 h

Adv. sales / Box office
Adults 6 € / Children 3 €
incl. VRR-Ticket

For babys and small children between 8 months and 3 years of age

For the already sold out show at 15 h there probably are remaining tickets at the box office

Tickets 24.03. 15h Tickets 24.03. 15h

›Beat the Drum!‹ uses marbles, balls, bowls, drums and water to create an experimental musical landscape that captivates children. The theatre makers of De Spiegel have specialised in works for the youngest of audiences and now tour the world with their unique repertoire. In ›Beat the Drum!‹ they create a visual and auditory experience in which rock'nroll meets poetry. Shadow plays that emerge on the stage set are accompanied by flute, saxophone and drums. Children are invited to explore the fascinating scenery, coax sounds from the instruments and discover surprises. 


As part of the Flemish Week in NRW

Composition, musicians: Joeri Wens, Nicolas Ankoudinoff Shadow play, stage technique: Alain Ongenaet Set design: Wim Van De Vyver Concept, direction: Karel Van Ransbeeck Costumes: Lies Maréchal Support: Flemish Community

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Trailer of ›Beat the drum!‹

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