Experimental platform for the arts

  • Fri 05.04.24 18 h

Pay as you wish!

Gastronomy: The bar in our foyer is open. A small selection of food will be available.

Artists from all fields and disciplines are regularly invited to present their current projects within the framework of the ›ATELIER – Experimental platform for the arts‹ series at PACT. Through an open call, projects in various stages of development as well as finished works are selected for each ATELIER edition and presented as independent entities in surprising combinations, without specific thematic or genre requirements. This results in a diverse program featuring performance, visual arts, music, video, and new media, which can be experienced until late at night throughout the former colliery building. The current edition, ›ATELIER No. 69‹, presents artistic contributions that oscillate between open processes and concrete proposals, aiming to create spaces for speculation and imagination.



19.00 h & 20.30 h
Begüm Erciyas
›Hands Made‹ (Tryout)

Small Stage

19.00 h
Maika Knoblich
›babymaker (Part 1)‹

Studio 3

20.00 h
Qusay Awad
›Visions in Monochrome‹

Main Stage

20.30 h
Maika Knoblich
›babymaker (Part 2)‹

Studio 3

21.00 h
Paula Pau & Andras

Main Stage

21.30 h
Márcio Kerber Canabarro
›Rehearsal 1 - THE HOST‹

Main Stage


Open continuously from 18 h

Colectivo Malasangre
›En tiempos de inseguridad nacional‹

Foyer & Wintergarden

Liryc Dela Cruz
›Il Mio Filipino: Remnants 4‹

Studio 1

Katrin Hochschuh & Adam Donovan
›Empathy Swarm‹

Studio 2

Maika Knoblich (Installation following the performances)
Studio 3

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  • Thu 22.08.24 20 h
  • Fri 23.08.24 20 h
  • Sat 24.08.24 20 h
  • Sun 25.08.24 16 h
  • Sat 31.08.24 15 h

Tach am Bach
Ein Stadtteilfest in Katernberg

Free admission
  • Sat 07.09.24 19 h
  • Sun 08.09.24 16 h
  • Sun 08.09.24 19 h

Romano Than / Orpheus XXI / The Remains / Tomasz Prasqual / Ivo Van Hove
Unlocking Paradise – Protokolle aus’m Pott

Ruhrtriennale World premiere