Atelier – Experimental platform for the arts

  • Fri 01.04.16 19 h

Since 2002, our ATELIER series offers emerging and established artists from NRW, Germany and abroad a chance to present their work to the general public during a shared evening length programme. Each edition gives rise to a hybrid programme featuring both completed works as well as projects under development from the fields of performance, choreography, video, media, sound and installation art and photography.


AFTERIMAGE - Susanna Brenner, Helle Lyshøj, Minna Tiikainen (NL / DK)

:objective:spectacle: Christoph Wirth, Clementine Pohl, Bryan Eubanks (DE)

Berit Schneidereit (DE)

Vera Drebusch (DE)

Roni Feiten (DE)

Thimo Franke (DE)

Jonas Hohnke (DE)

illume.illume (DE)

Ellinor Ljungkvist (SE)

l'hommmm - Geert Belpaeme & Mats Van Herreweghe (BE)

Stefan Ramírez Pérez (DE)

SONAE - Sonia Güttler (DE)

Installations and exhibits are open from 19h. The stage programme begins at 20h.

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Claiming Common Spaces IV – Cool Down
A festival at the planetary boundaries with lectures, talks, performances, music & excursions

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Mascha Fehse, Valentina Karga, Licia Soldavini
Soft Constructions

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