Tabita Rezaire
Artist Talk

  • Sat 13.07.19 11 h

Free admission

Tabita Rezaire is an artist, researcher, and healer. Her works have been shown at the New Museum (New York), Performa 17 (New York), Victoria and Albert Museum (London), SMK — Statens Museum for Kunst (Copenhagen), Tate Modern (London), Musée d’art mod­erne de la Ville de Paris, MoCADA (New York), and The Broad (Los Angeles). Rezaire explores cybernetic spaces, in which she examines relationships between identity, technology and spirituality. Based in Cayenne (French Guyana), she works to decolonize cyberspace by observing the continu­ation of colonial histories and practices in digital form. Through her transdisciplinary practice she envisions alter­native networks — organic, electronic and spiritual — that foster new forms of emotional awareness and conscious­ness. For ›Blue Skies‹ she comments on the framework of the festival and preliminary discussions with its organizers.

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