Institut für Computermusik und Elektronische Medien
›Artificial Clichés‹

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  • Fri 25.10.19 20 h

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Achim Bornhöft
Artificial Clichés

Gottfried Michael Koenig
Funktion Blau

Dirk Reith / Florian Zwißler 
Neues Werk, Uraufführung, Auftragswerk der Philharmonie Essen

Oxana Omelchuk
Neues Werk für analoge Synthesizer
Uraufführung, Auftragswerk der Philharmonie Essen 

Thomas Neuhaus
The bad boys were prodding
the bear through the bars of the cage

The possibility of storing sound represented a striking caesura in music history, one with enduring consequences: the transition from mechanical sound storage (wax drum, shellac record) to electromagnetic and finally digital signal processing has led to music being available almost everywhere and at any time today. In ›Artificial Clichés‹ the listeners are taken back to a pre-digital time, when electronic music was generated by devices of studio measuring technology, recorded on magnetic tape, mixed, transformed and repeatedly re-edited. In the 1960s, the synthesizer opened up totally new possibilities in composition because of its free programmability. It was only about 15 years ago that these analogue synthesizers were rediscovered, and since then they have once again provided an inexhaustible field of musical experimentation. The ICEM is devoting a fascinating concert evening, with ›Artificial Clichés‹, to the historical and technical transitions: historical compositions as well as new works for ›old instruments‹ will be performed.

Image composition: Claudius Lazzeroni Organisers: PACT Zollverein, Stiftung Zollverein mit Folkwang Universität der Künste Supported by Kunststiftung NRW

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