Institut für Computermusik und Elektronische Medien

Since its foundation, the Electronic Studio and later ICEM has been advising and supporting artists in the use of electronic media in their projects. In addition to the electronic studios, ICEM now has a sound recording studio, a studio for audio-visual media and a project studio for popular music projects. In addition, ICEM is in charge of a large number of events both inside and outside of the university and maintains an extensive collection of electronic devices and instruments from the history of electronic music, as well as an archive of all works produced here since 1971.

The ICEM (Institute for Computer Music and Electronic Media) of the Folkwang University of the Arts emerged from the Studio for Live Electronic Music and the Electronic Studio. Since 1971, the Folkwang University of the Arts has been intensively involved with diverse facets of electronic music from a compositional point of view. The composers who work with electronic music have always sought close contact with the other artistic disciplines of the university.

Within the framework of the ›NOW!‹ festival for new music, ICEM is represented with a concert evening and workshops.

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