Vera Sander

  • Choreographisches Zentrum NRW, Essen, Co-production as part of the 8. Internationales Tanzfestival NRW ›Gesichter des Tanzes‹
  • Performance
  • Sat 06.06.98
  • Sun 07.06.98
  • Sat 13.06.98

A Story

Human passions are shrouded in mystery for children as well as for adults. Those struck by passion can't explain it and those yet to experience the phenomena can't understand it. There are people who endanger their own lives to reach mountaintops. No one, not even these very people, seem able to adequately explain why they actually do it. Others sacrifice everything for one fixed dream that can never come true. Some believe that happiness can only be found elsewhere and, to this end, spend their lives travelling the world. In a word, there are as many different passions as there are different people on this earth.

My hero's greatest passion lies in inventing stories. Anybody who hasn't experienced this for him or herself will probably have trouble understanding that my hero invents a story that can never end. At first the story repeats continually until my hero enters the scene and then later it repeats again because my hero is in danger of losing himself in the depths of its fantasy world. This story's maxim is, ›do what you want‹. It is full of imagined events, discoveries and inventions.

›Do whatever you feel like‹, could also easily be the story's motto. My hero first discovers the true meaning of these words after a long search and having become increasingly entwined by them and involved in an unchecked escape from reality into fantasy. 
To ›just do what you really want to!‹ is difficult and often requires the help of a friend. Should my hero lose himself in the labyrinth of his own fantasy? Every new wish he makes gives his story a new twist but also claims part of his very being.

There are people who can never enter the world of fantasy and there are people who can enter but never return.
And then there are those who can both enter and return.
My hero's destiny depends on the direction his own story takes. His goal becomes returning to reality to tell us that the world of fantasy must always continue to exist, but he can't achieve this without help.

I've wanted to make a production for children for a long time. I think it's incredibly important work. Children have an immediate and natural understanding of dance. Working for children is a special challenge for both the choreographer and the performers.

The story I've thought up takes a turn that can only be resolved by the children themselves. Children are inquisitive, interested and very active audience members. I want to encourage and support this.

Choreography: Vera Sander
Tänzer: Carlotta Bolognese, Gaiia Gonnelli, Sanna Myllylpalti, Jorgé Vasquez, Tom Kappler
Assistant: Peter van der Loght
Stage and costumes: Ben Voorhaar

Produced by the Choreographic Centre NRW, Essen sponsored by the ministry of urban development, culture and sport of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the City of Cologne.

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