Miriam Coretta Schulte, Rahel Kesselring, Johanna-Yassira Kluhs, Oliver Roth, Felix Worpenberg

Artists in residence

#ResidencyInsights // Studio 3 at PACTZollverein

During a research residency in Cairo, Miriam Coretta Schulte wanted to learn about feminist practices in the Egyptian capital. For three months she was lucky to meet charismatic figures that triggered her to think about the implications of admiration. Why do we admire certain people so much that we would like to resemble them? How can imitation and mimicry become part of a process of emancipation or even element of solidarity?

›Mimesia‹ is a research platform that embraces the agency by influencing others and by being marked. Yet, it is a critical celebration: one examines admiration for its restaurative potential as for its utopian quality.

For her residency at PACT Miriam Coretta Schulte is supported by her team, including Rahel Kesselring, Johanna-Yassira Kluhs, Oliver Roth and Felix Worpenberg, all together working in the fields of choreography, performance, dramaturgy and scenography. For them, «Mimesia» wants to be both: a practice for enlarged perception of an already shaped identity and a space for homage to those that are considered important to become. Therefore they are trying to develop structures, scores and patterns, that help to deform a dialectic assumption: ›we can influence each other, but we can hardly control the reasons and effects. Or can we? To be continued on stage and in daily life.‹

Their production will premiere on 16th of march at Kaserne Basel


3 questions // Miriam Coretta Schulte

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