Ingrid LaFleur: Breathing in Blackness – Temporal Dimensions of Utopia
In the framework of IMPACT19

Discourse IMPACT

As the founder of The Afrofuture Strategies Institute, LaFleur implements Afrofuturist foresight and approaches to empower Black bodies and oppressed communities. As a thought leader, social justice technologist, public speaker, teacher and cultural advisor she has led conversations and workshops at Centre Pompidou (Paris), TEDxBrooklyn, TEDxDetroit, Ideas City, New Museum (New York), Harvard University and Oxford University, among others. LaFleur is the host of the podcast Decolonize Your Destiny and serves on the board of JustSpace Alliance, Powerhouse Productions, and the Cooley ReUse Project. 

In her lecture ›Breathing in Blackness: Temporal Dimensions of Utopia‹ in the framework of IMPACT19, La Fleur investigated the notion of utopia within Afrofuturism in an attempt to examine how Black bodies can access, build and evolve their safe spaces. Afrofuturism is a liberation movement that empowers Black bodies to craft new destinies and realities of inclusion, health, joy and prosperity. How can the activation of radical foresight imagine and design systems for Black bodies to collectively express cultural, social and economic power now and 200 years into the future?

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In the framework of IMPACT19 (30.10. – 03.11.2019)
At the heart of ›IMPACT19 – Weaving Traces‹ were positions which, through very different practices, initiatives and actions expose interventions and discrimination in the political sphere, in urban and island structures, in ecological contexts, as well as in the body.

The invited artists Ingrid LaFleur, Meg Stuart, Silke Huysmans and Hannes Dereere use advanced activist and investigative, spiritual and physical as well as political and technological practices in their work. They all mobilise spaces for action and trigger the conception of essential utopias.

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