IMPACT23 – Assembly V
Living together beyond consumer societies



The annual transdisciplinary symposium IMPACT invites practitioners and theorists from the arts and sciences to engage with changing, overarching, and complex themes, linking their diverse perspectives and formulating common concerns.

›IMPACT23‹ explores the interrelationships between humans, animals, plants, and objects – in ecosystems and in the technosphere – and how these shape our patterns of perception through assumptions, projection, and selection. ›Ecologies of Attention‹ questions what powerful phenomena, forces, connections and exchange relations remain hidden or obscured as a result. What methods, tools, strategies, or systems are required to reevaluate these connections and foster productive relationships? Which ingrained patterns need to be disrupted? 

The starting point and vital forum of the four-day symposium are the so-called Assemblies – a series of concise presentations where participants introduce themselves and their work to one another. The second assembly ran under the topic: Ecologies of Attention –  the fragility of facts, normality and social norms.

  • Yipei Lee is a curator and researcher and part of SUAVEART, a research-based curatorial institution which focuses on environment, nonhuman perspectives and nonspaces issues in islands, art and life. She is part of their ongoing art-driven urban program »Wagiwagi – Greeting to Nature« which is simultaneously an arts collective as well as a platform and incubator for innovative ideas which responds to environmental issues.
  • Khaled Alwarea is a Syrian architect and multidisciplinary artist. He is the cofounder and creative director of UV LAB, a creative studio that specializes in public art, using a multidisciplinary approach that includes spatial practices, digital technology, and construction science. Founded on the road between Syria and France in 2014 by architects, designers, and artists, the studio is committed to collaboration with local communities and to developing sustainable solutions that are informed by social, cultural, and environmental contexts.
  • Ra’z Salvaritais a cross-disciplinary artist. His creative endeavors reflect the convergence of the three pillars he primarily works with: creative healing expressions, sustainable sacred ecology and practical mindful spirit vitality. Elledivine Wood is an artist-writer. She is a devoted Disciple of Love; a teacher of conscious breathing technique and an intuitive guide for sessions that require deeper inquiry to birth remembrance into wholeness.
  • David Turturo works in architecture education. His research traces the dialectic relationship between the urban and the wild, trying to depict the complex history and the gradual change of the concept of »wilderness« and its impact on politics and society.Turturo and his team generate alternative strategies of knowing the world and generate multi-media montages that present alternate futures and new modes of kinship.
  • The multi-disciplinary duo -h- (Nath Gélard & Thibaud Guichard) focuses on the question of ritual, how they create a territory anchorage, bound people, and generate a feeling of belonging using the example of their own rituals that they contribute to put in place at the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, where they live.

​​​​​​​A project within the framework of The Alliance of International Production Houses, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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