IMPACT 18 – Matter in Movement
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Peter Tränke

Peter Tränke
Dirk Rose

It's the last day of IMPACT18 - what issues or experiences are you taking home?

From IMPACT18 I am taking with me the content of the lectures, the subsequent workshops as well as the practices of the participants involved at the symposium and the question of how to translate certain aspects from the field of science and technology into an artistic practice. Especially the ways of dealing with these sources of knowledge and power in artistic means was very inspiring and even entertaining.

Peter Tränkle is an artist, researcher and curator based in Zürich. His interest lies in combining methods from qualitative and interpretative sociology, and his science and technology studies, with various artistic methods, strategies, and media. 3000 PEAKS, in collaboration with Marius Förster, is an international ideas competition that invites to speculate about the future of the Swiss Alps. 

How do these topics relate to your work?

As a sociologist of science and technology whose works are conceptionally involved in transdisciplinary practice and projects beyond field boundaries, it is informative to see similar interests in topics such as the role of technology in artistic strategies, dealing with the relationship of the material and the symbolic. I am also curious to look for strategies of re-translating transdisciplinary experimental results back in relevant fields in order to reach certain audiences to receive further reactions and feedbacks. 

Marius Förster

Marius Förster
Dirk Rose

What are you dealing with thematically? 

I´m interested in the possible roles of design in knowledge and practice shared contexts. Right now I´m dealing with questions of climate change, anthropocentric perspectives and transdisciplinary approaches – discussed through the Alps.

Can you describe in a few words your impression of IMPACT18? 

The motivations and concerns of all the participants are entangled despite their diversity. The in-dept discussions and exchanges of all those different perspectives were really inspiring. I´m leaving with new trains of thought I´m looking forward to discover.

Marius Förster is a designer and researcher based in Cologne. Förster is currently studying Transformation Design, researching possible roles and limits of design in social transformation processes and questioning contemporary self-conceptions and appreciations of design. 3000 PEAKS, in collaboration with Peter Tränkle, is an international ideas competition that invites to speculate about the future of the Swiss Alps.

Alejandra Naiarrete Kopis

Dirk Rose

What is your profession? How do the topics of IMPACT18 relate to your work?

I was trained as an architect, but I think about design and space through education, research and exhibitions. I am focused now on then agency of architecture to create more accessible, inclusive and open objects, spaces and territories. The topics discussed these days relate directly to my practice specially in relation to the possibility of art, architecture and technology to produce change, resistance in our contemporary society.

Alejandra Navarrete Llopis is an architect and researcher based in Stockholm. In her current research project she focuses on the spatial implications of the mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion in New York. Her interest circles around questions of identity, integration and inclusivity and how to envision alternative models of accessibility. 

What issues or experiences are you taking home?

This is the third day of IMPACT18 and I feel completely inspired by the conversations, workshops and lectures we have had. It has provoked the need to continue my work and investigations, and to become more active on my daily-life.

IMPACT18 - Matter in Movement

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