Alexandra Bachzetsis: Chasing a Ghost
Short film documentary

On Stage

Alexandra Bachzetsis draws from art history, fashion, music, film and pop culture for her works, which are shown worldwide in theatres, art spaces and museums, and projects them onto the body:

»I work with the illusion of an ideal conception of the body and the utopian relationships in which these bodies are involved. In ›Chasing a Ghost‹ my focus is on exploring the uncanny, the once familiar that has been repressed, but which returns in an alienated, grotesque form.«
- Alexandra Bachzetsis in an interview with Missy Magazine. 

›Chasing a Ghost‹, the latest work by artist and choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis, questions the choreographic archetype of the duet in a succession of doubles und doublings of bodies, sounds, spaces and images staged in a spectrum of violence and desire. The performance was due to celebrate its German premiere on the 03.04. at PACT. In the meantime, Alexandra has put together a short film featuring footage from the world premiere of ›Chasing a Ghost‹ at the Art Institute of Chicago. Here it was presented in the replica of the iconic Trading Room of the former Chicago Stock Exchange that was demolished in 1972 and subsequently reconstructed in a new wing of the museum. Designed by the architecture firm Adler & Sullivan, the high-ceilinged space, filled with lush organic ornament and stencilled pattern, is of singular and dramatic beauty.

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