Michael Laub/ Remote Control Productions

With Remote Control Productions, the company he founded in 1981, the director and choreographer Michael Laub creates works in different forms, genres and sub-genres ranging from intimate, low-tech solo pieces to large-scale biographies, deconstructed soap-opera/musical to literature-based pieces. Remote Control performances make use of influences derived from various media – video, visual arts, and especially cinema – all generally approached from a minimalist perspective. Material created during rehearsals is often incorporated within a preconceived fictional framework. The casts assembled to date by Remote Control Productions in Europe, New York and Mumbai frequently include professional dancers/performers as well as non-professionals making their first stage appearances. In 2002, Michael Laub began producing a series of portraits for the stage using no narrative pretext other than his subject. These pieces contain highly artificial as well as radically realistic material and reflect aspects of who the performers are or would like to be.
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Michael Laub/ Remote Control Productions
Portrait Series Istanbul Aktris Adayları ve Aktrisler I Actresses and those who want to become one