Maria Jerez

María Jerez was born in Madrid. Her work spans cinema, choreography, theatre, architecture and the visual arts. She has created performance works including ›El Caso del Espectador‹ (2004), ›This Side Up‹ (2006) and ›The Perfect Alibi‹ (2011/2012) as well as the film ›The Movie‹ (2008). Her latest project ›ba-deedly-deedly-deedly-dum ba-boop-be-doop!‹ premieres in 2014. Since 2010, she has organized the Living Room Festival (Madrid) together with Cuqui Jerez, Luis Úrculo and Juan Domínguez. She has received commissions from the La Capital Cultural Europea Linz 09 (Austria), CAMPO (Belgium) and VIA 2018 (Maastricht) to develop the projects “I Like to Move It Move It”, “Five People” and “The School Project” respectively. Between 2011 and 2013, Maria Jerez taught on the Master’s degree programme in Performing Arts Practice and Visual Culture at the Autonomous University of Madrid (Universidad de Alcalá (UAH)).
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