Claire Vivianne Sobottke

Claire Vivianne Sobottke (*1982 D/F) engages in the practice of choreography, performance and dance. She defines her work as place of resistance and undoing, where norms of thinking and seeing can be challenged or changed. In her choreographic work she thinks about the body as a turbulent accumulation of concepts, histories, trauma, memories, projections, identities and magic. Dancing thus becomes a way of making the body's inner turbulence visible. Her works include a.o. 'strange songs' (Sophiensaele 2016) and 'Velvet' (Tanz im August 2019) Claire often works in collaborative constellations with shared authorship. Together with F. Mazliah she created 'Full Body Frontal' (2022 Mosounturm Frankfurt) and 'WE BODIES' (2019 Tanzhaus Zürich) with T.Vitucci and M.Turinsky. She develops in her work strategies to subvert patriarchal hierarchy through a playful sexuality, sensuality, ecology and collectivity. Since 2015 she works with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods. She entertains an ongoing artistic dialogue with artist Tian Rotteveel.

To date at PACT
  • Sat 21.05.22 14 h – 22 h
  • Sun 22.05.22 14 h – 17 h