1/2/8 Urban Frictions // #InProgress mit Playful Commons (PART II)

by Christine Grosche


PLAYFUL COMMONS 'Die Genehmigungswerkstatt' at WerkStadt

As part of the research festival "1/2/8 Urban Frictions", Playful Commons - Jennifer Aksu, Gilly Karjevsky and Sebastian Quack - will realise smaller, creative "special uses" on marketplaces, green areas, traffic islands and parking bays in Essen's neighbourhood of Katernberg. One focus of the project is to make the interests, areas of responsibility and procedures of public administrations and urban population comprehensible and transparent. From this they develop proposals for simplifying approval processes for public-sector activities open to each neighbour. In Essen, Playful Commons will collaborate with urbanist Laura Bruns, one of the authors of the handbook "Freiraum-Fibel", a manual mapping regulations of public space in Germany. 

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