Zvizdal [Chernobyl – So far so close]

  • Wed 22.06.22 20:30 h

Urkainian with German and English subtitles

19.30 h (Foyer): ›STATE OF THE PRESENT‹: Impulse lecture on the current situation on site - 6 years after the production of ›Zvizdal‹ took place. In German


In 1986, ninety towns and villages around Pripyat are evacuated after the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl. The inhabitants leave their houses never to return. ›Zvizdal‹ is a cinematic portrait of two people living in a ghost town. The duo BERLIN, consisting of Bart Baele and Yves Degryse, stages their story as a part film, part installation, documentary performance. Having only each other - and in a state of total isolation - Pétro and Nadia lead their lives seemingly undisturbed. But when, once a year on All Souls' Day, a caravan of cars passes by on the main road, they feel joyous. Their social longing has never completely subsided.

Between 2011 and 2016, BERLIN follows Pétro and Nadia in an effort to portray the evolution of their story over the years. How does one bear absolute seclusion for so long, a life cut off not only from human contact but also from electricity, water and every form of modern comfort? ›Zvizdal‹ draws a portrait of solitude, survival, poverty, hope and love between two elderly people in their eighties surrounded by colourless, odourless but omnipresent radiation.

19.30 h (Foyer) – ›STATE OF THE PRESENT‹: Impulse lecture on the current situation on site - 6 years after the production of ›Zvizdal‹ took place.

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With: Nadia & Pétro Opanassovitch Lubenoc, Concept: Bart Baele, Yves Degryse, Cathy Blisson, Interviews: Yves Degryse, Cathy Blisson, Photography and Editing: Bart Baele, Geert De, Vleesschauwer, Scenography: Manu Siebens, Ina Peeters, BERLIN, Sound recordings: Toon Meuris, Bas de Caluwé, Manu Siebens, Karel Verstreken, Interpreter: Olga Mitronina, Soundtrack: Peter Van Laerhoven, Set construction: Manu Siebens, Klaartje Vermeulen, Dirk Stevens, Kasper Siebens, Model: Ina Peeters mit der Hilfe von Puck Vonk, Rosa Fens, Thomas Dreezen, Mechanics: Joris Festjens, Dirk Lauwers, Grafik: Jelle Verryckt, Communication & Production: Laura Fierens, Betriebsführung: Kurt Lannoye, Administration support: Jane Seynaeve

Co-produced by: Het Zuidelijk Toneel [Tilburg, NL], PACT Zollverein [Essen, DE], Dublin Theatre Festival [IE], CENTQUATRE [Paris, FR], Brighton Festival [UK], BIT Teatergarasjen - House On Fire  [Bergen, NO], Kunstenfestivaldesarts [Brussels, BE], Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main [DE], Theaterfestival Boulevard [Den Bosch, NL], Onassis Cultural Centre [Athens, GR] - In collaboration with deSingel [Antwerp, BE] - With support of the Flemish Government - BERLIN is associated artist to le CENTQUATRE [Paris, FR]

Special thanks to: Wim Bervoets, Brice Maire, Lux Lumen, Els De Bodt, Pascal Rueff, Morgan Touzé, Christophe Ruetsch, Isabelle Grynberg, Nadine Malfait, Natalie Schrauwen, Katleen Treier, Piet Menu, Anthe & Ama Oda Baele, Remi & Ilias Degryse


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14.05.2016, Kunstenfestivaldesar, Brüssel (BE)
13.05.2016, Kunstenfestivaldesar, Brüssel (BE)
12.05.2016, Kunstenfestivaldesar, Brüssel (BE)


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