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John the Houseband know no genre boundaries so it's only natural that the six-piece combo make no commitments either in terms of space. During all three days of our celebration, their birthday concert will wander around PACT’s grounds and building and no doubt awaken a few fond memories in the process. This is what the six Johns have to say about it themselves:

»Dear PACT, do you remember the 16th of October 2013? That’s the first time we met here on the Zollverein site in Essen. It was an Indian summer that would soon turn into a horrendous storm with extremely high winds. Since that autumn day, 9 years ago, we have experienced a lot together. There was a 7-hour table concert in the Winter Garden. We served long drinks as singing bar staff in summer. Danced across your stage as nuts in winter. We played songs in the Trafo House, on the parking lot, around the whole of Zollverein and in all of your residency apartments. We were always welcome at your place. But today is about you, it’s your birthday, and we’re offering you our services as a real houseband. With ukuleles, keyboards, bass, a beat machine and our voices in tow, we will appear and resound here and there as if out of nowhere. Sometimes soft, sometimes hard. Slow, fast, highbrow, midbrow and lowbrow, upbeat and not-so-upbeat. Because after all, you should be celebrated down to your very last inch!«

– John & John & John & John & John & John

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