Wolfgang Hufschmidt
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  • Premiere
  • Performance Reading for three narrators and three instrumentalist
  • Wed 13.04.16 20 h

Composer Wolfgang Hufschmidt`s latest work is based on extracts from the novel ›Die Nacht zum 21. Jahrhundert oder Aus dem Leben eines alten Mannes‹ (Twofold Vibrations) by Holocaust survivor Raymond Federman. Arranged for three speakers and three musicians, the result is a moving and impressively scored interpretation of Federman’s narrative from 1982 in which fiction collides with autobiographical events in the story of an old man awaiting his deportation to the space colonies in the year 1999.

Former President of the Folkwang University of the Arts and recipient of the Order of Merit of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia in 2015, Wolfgang Hufschmidt is a long-standing associate of PACT Zollverein having served on the executive board of the Choreographisches Zentrums NRW since 1996.


1. Actor/Speaker: Dieter Hufschmidt
2. Actor/Speaker: Tim-Fabian Hoffmann
3. Actor/Speaker: Gerhard Mohr
Flute: Markus Hufschmidt
Guitar: Prof. Matthias Schlothfeldt
Percussion: Prof. Stephan Froleyks
Electronics: Prof. Thomas Neuhaus
Management/Conducter: Prof. em. Wolfgang Hufschmidt

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