Naoko Tanaka

  • Sun 29.03.15 16 h

Following ›Die Scheinwerferin‹, and ›Absolute Helligkeit‹, prize winning media artist and performer Naoko Tanaka returns to PACT with ›Unverinnerlicht‹ the final part of her ›Shadow Trilogy‹. Working deliberately with skillful and subtle interplays of light and darkness rather than existing or digitally manipulated images, Tanaka’s enthralling installation performance invites the audience to test the bounds of their powers of sight, deduction and imagination. 

Concept, stage, sculptures, performance: Naoko Tanaka 
Musical collaboration: Luca Fogagnolo
Dramaturgical collaboration: Adam Czirak
Technical team: Stephan Müller, Thomas Lehmen
Production management: ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro
Assistance: Alise Michon

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